Hi, weÔÇÖre a photography, video and film making studio based at Valencia in Spain (but we can fly everywhere if needed). We create and develop visual projects with our own way of looking at. We use ÔÇťvisual narrativeÔÇŁ and technics like the chiaroscuro as our own visual language to transmit your messages, ideas and emotions through images.

Studio Portraiture

We design and shot standard and artistic photographic portraits in studio. We work worldwide, if you have a special place to be portrayed, we can fly to you. Let us know your story. Our work is always whole handcrafted; ourselves design and paint backdrops and artistic elements. And we build and paint our own photographic set decor. Click here to visit full gallery

Product & e-Commerce

We design and realize full product and e-Commerce photoshots and video footages including professional editing works. We work worldwide, so we can go to your business. Or maybe you prefer to send us your products to our studio in Spain and assist to the photoshot online. Click here to visit full gallery

Photography for Ads

We design, produce and create studio photography and portraits with optional graphic design works for all kind of advertisements (digital printing, websites, posters, companies, social networks, etc). Click here to visit full gallery

Photographic & Video Projects

As we do into the studio, we can take all needed equipment away and film you into a big lake with a chair for a photoshot and a video footage in the sunset. Why not? let your imagination fly out and let us know your next story to be filmed. Click here to visit full gallery

Film Making

We create and shot films, music films, cinema screen movies and visual ads. Anyway we can produce and realize any footage with video and cinema equipment and its image texture looking. Contact us to enlarge information about this. Click here to visit full gallery

Full Production and film making
Full Production and film making
Cinematographers & Production Designers

    Fill this form up and we’ll contact you in a few minutes. Contact us by email if you prefer, writing at somosluz@elclaroscuro.es

    We are Vicente and Ese, two professionals of cinema and audiovisuals worlds. We have our own way of looking through the camera.